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Why is Roofing So Dangerous?

Why is Roofing so Dangerous?

Did you know that roofing falls under one of the top five most dangerous jobs in the world? In the United States, roofers are 15 times more likely to get fatally injured on the job when compared to employees in any other industry or line of work. Roofing professionals have to battle the elements while lifting heavy objects and working at dangerous heights. In Alberta, roofers have to go through intensive training and a certification exam in order to work. This is to ensure they are properly trained and quailed to work on your roof. Roofing is not a DIY project, if you have a roofing concern it’s best to contact your local Calgary roofing company. Here are the top 3 reasons why roofing is so dangerous:

Risk of Falling:

Falls are the most lethal concern for roofers. No matter how experienced your Calgary roofer is, falls can happen to anyone. They are accountable for one-third of all fatal construction falls and can cause serious long-term injuries. On top of this, roofers are typically carrying equipment on them, which makes navigating your roof trickier. Our roofing professionals at Dedicated Roofing take proper precautions to ensure any risks are mitigated. In order to work on your roof, our team is properly trained and insured. We also inspect your roof thoroughly to make sure there isn’t serious structural damage that can cause our team to fall.

Electrocution and Chemical Burns:

Electrocutions are the second most dangerous part of roofing. It accounts for 11% of roofer fatalities a year. This happens when roofers come into contact with power lines or get struck by lighting. When combine with working at a height and using metal ladders, electrocutions are more common than you might think. On top of this roofers are also exposed to harmful chemicals like coal tar. Coal tar burns can damage skin, cause irritation to the eyes and various other serious issues. To avoid this, roofers have to protect themselves using special equipment. Professional roofers will also be able to identify any dangerous chemicals used in roofing. They can then take the necessary precautions the everyday person might miss when DIYing their roofing project.

Exposure to the Elements:

frequent snow storms, heavy winds, scorching heat waves, hail storms, spring rain showers and thunderstorms. Weather conditions are also known to change within the hour, this makes roofing an incredibly dangerous profession in Calgary. Roofs are also never completely flat, so water, melting ice or snow can cause you to slip. In the summer, roofers have to work in incredibly hot conditions for long periods of time. This can lead to heat exhaustion, a common symptom of heat exhaustion is fatigue and light-headedness, which can often lead to falls.

Leave your roofing project up to the professionals! The experts at Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors are licenced, certified and insured. The team has undergone extensive training to ensure they are properly trained to handle whatever is thrown at them. With over a decade of experience and an A+ rating on RenovationFind and BBB, your roof is in expert hands. To get a free no-obligation estimate, call one of our Calgary roofing professionals at (403) 923-0000 or request an estimate online.