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Maintenance is a proactive approach to help maximize the lifespan of your roof. A roof tune-up differs from a roof repair, a tune-up helps to address problems before they become more serious, and a roof repair is more spot specific. Roof tune-ups ensure the longevity of your roof and help it stay in excellent condition for years to come.

At Dedicated Roofing and Exteriors, we can assist by providing comprehensive maintenance and tune-up services. Schedule a professional inspection to ensure the safety, performance and longevity of your roof.

What to Expect During a Calgary Roof Tune-Up?

Over time, components on your roof change and move due to environmental factors like seasonal weather changes and climate. In Alberta, we have strong winds, hailstorms and snowstorms, these weather conditions can wreak havoc on your property. Depending on the workmanship of the company that previously replaced your roof, our Calgary roofing professionals recommend scheduling a roof inspection every five years.
Roof Tune-up Dedicated roofing and exteriors Calgary

What Does a Tune-Up and Inspection Look Like?

Our Calgary roofing experts start by inspecting your property, we look out for:

  • Ice barriers that have been installed at the edge.  (eavestrough)
  • Synthetic underlay installed on the remaining roof decking.
  • Any soft or rotten woods on your eavestrough.
  • The type of valleys that have been used. (Closed or open valleys.)
  • We ensure open valleys are sealed and have starters on both sides to conform with manufacturer specifications.
  • Any cracks/scuff of holes in the shingles.
  • Any loose, cracked or damaged ridge caps.
  • Any loose accessories and or flashing that has not been sealed.
  • Any exposed nails.
  • Any damage to your chimney and skylight flashing.
  • Any damage caused by wildlife or pets.
  • Leaks.
  • Any loose or missing shingles.
  • Most roofing companies use regular nails to fasten the exposed face of vents. Over the years the nails pop out and become lifted and loose.  At Dedicated Roofing, we use washer screws for extra protection and resistance!
  • How your wall flashing corners and chimney flashings are sealed. These flashings are often sealed with asphalt cement. This isn’t ideal as after a couple of years it tends to crack and become more vulnerable.

Our Dedicated Roofing professionals will extend the lifespan of your roof and ensure it lasts for years to come. Our roof tune-ups cost less than a full roof replacement and our services have helped many Calgarians protect their property and saved them on costly damages.

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    Roof Tune-up Dedicated roofing and exteriors Calgary

    Save with a Roof Tune Up

    Our roofing experts can detect hidden problems the untrained eye often misses. Our roof tune-ups can help you discover issues that need immediate attention, this will save you and your family on future costly repairs and replacements.

    With our 10-point roof tune-up, you can rest easy as your property is in good hands.

    Our 10-Point Roof Tune-up Includes:

    • Professional evaluation of the roofing system.
    • Check and secure hip & ridge cap and re-seal.
    • Resealing and securing any loose shingles.
    • Caulk exposed nails.
    • Fasten all flashing roof vents etc. with screws to prevent them from lifting.
    • Check and reseal all open valleys system.
    • Replace damaged shingles
    • Remove all debris
    • Scan for soft areas where there could be rotten wood. If so, a comprehensive estimate will be provided.
    • Seal all flashing corners, chimneys, and skylights with UV-resistant caulking.
    Roof Tune-up Dedicated roofing and exteriors Calgary

    What Are the Dangers of Performing a Roof Tune-Up Myself?

    One of the major risks of DIY roof tune-ups is the inherent safety risks of any type of procedure on a roof. In order to perform it, it is necessary to haul roofing materials and tools up to an elevated location. Working on top of a roof could also put you at risk of experiencing a slip or a fall. Furthermore, if you conduct roof tune-up on your own, you may not have all of the knowledge required to fix the problem properly. This could lead to more costly damages as you will need to hire a professional to fix the issue.

    When Should I Get My Roof Inspected?

    Roof inspections are integral to the life of your roof. It is better to catch problems before they become too large to repair. You can seek the help of a professional, or inspect your roof with binoculars from the ground or by climbing onto its surface. Make sure to utilize proper safety equipment, and only climb onto your roof on a clear, sunny day.

    There are three times each year that you should inspect your roof in order to help extend its lifespan.

    Start of Spring

    Spring is the perfect time to inspect your roof for any damage it may have experienced through the harsher winter months. You can prepare your roof for the year ahead and the spring showers.

    During a spring inspection, remove all built-up debris from your rooftop and clean out your gutters to get your roof ready for the upcoming season.

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    End of Fall

    Before winter sets in, you’ll want to have a thorough inspection of your roof so you can catch any areas of concern before the winter weather arrives. This is also the perfect time to clear out gutters and remove any fallen leaves from your rooftop for a second time. Consider testing your gutters by running a hose through them and checking for leaks.

    After a Major Storm

    Your roof and siding’s main purpose is to protect your home, which means your roof has the ability to handle a certain level of weather such as rain and mild winds. But major storms can cause damage, leaving your home unprotected. After a storm, you should have your roof inspected by a professional.

    You can also conduct a quick inspection yourself to determine if you need to hire a professional. Look specifically for dents in shingles after a hail storm, and after harsh wind, and assess the shingles for any loosened areas. Consider installing BP lifetime roofing shingles, which provide great warranties, and starter strips that help prevent wind damage, and can come in impact-resistant shingles which stand up better against hail.

    Rain and water roof damage Dedicated Roofing Calgary
    Our Calgary Roofing team will inspect and offer recommendations to help extend your roof’s lifespan. Save on costly damages, contact the professionals at Dedicated Roofing and ask for a roof tune-up!

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