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Mother Nature's elements in the form of wind, rain, snow and sleet, along with regular aging and inevitable wear and tear will take their toll on the roof of your commercial or residential property. Regular roof inspections from a licensed Calgary roof inspector can save you money on roof repairs in the long run. Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors is a certified roofing repair contractor offering a range of roof services. Consult with our roofing specialists for a range of options to that protect the structural integrity of your home or business and restore peace of mind.
We don't always have to do a complete replacement of your roof, sometimes a repair is all that is needed.

In these situations, we'll give you a breakdown of what shape your current roof is in, and let you make an informed decision on whether or not to completely replace the roof, or just do a repair. In either case, we'll provide you with an accurate quote and time estimate to get the job completed on time and on budget.


Warning Signs

  • Shingles that are curling and buckling: Worn out shingles can be traced to missing nails on the roof deck and make your roof vulnerable to water infiltration and moisture problems.
  • Shingle granules in the eavestrough: Your shingles are beginning to disintegrate which can lead to decay of the roof deck.
  • Cracking and/or loosening of material around pipes.
  • Soft or springy texture in the roof valley signalling rotting wood due to moisture damage.
  • Dark streaks on the roofing material that may signal algae and require a professional roof cleaning.



Damage to the roof of your home or business may not seem as straightforward as a missing shingle or dried out caulking. Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors roofing specialists go beneath the surface of a roof problem which may derive from to poor ventilation in the attic or lack of proper insulation that has caused shingles to deteriorate more quickly. Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors provides in-depth and qualified roof expertise that lengthens the life of your roofing system and helps to avoid premature roof replacement.


Roof Problems

Skylights, flashing, missing shingles, hail damage, and wind.

Older model skylights may have to be entirely replaced while a newer model may require basic repairs only. Chimney, skylight and walls must be be flashed properly with diverter Contact a Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors roofing expert for a free estimate.

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