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Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors provides licensed installations of siding, soffit and fascia for residential and commercial clients. As experienced and certified siding contractors in Calgary, we provide and install the latest high-quality siding produced by reliable manufacturers and built to protect and reduce energy costs in your home as well as enhance its curb appeal.

Our qualified sales staff assists clients with choosing the siding that is most suitable for their homes and businesses according to their specific requirements and budget.

Vinyl Siding for a Calgary Siding Project Dedicated Roofing and Exteriors

Vinyl Siding Services in Calgary

Low cost and versatile, Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors experts are available to assist you in choosing from a wide variety of vinyl siding colour combinations to update your home elegantly, all at a cost-effective price.

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Durability. Another benefit associated with investing in vinyl siding is the product's durability. Vinyl siding is virtually indestructible and is resistant to fading, insects, and harsh weather. For example, certain brands are able to resist winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

One of the primary reasons why people choose vinyl siding is its cost. Average prices for vinyl siding are well below prices for wood siding, aluminum siding, stone or brick siding or veneer. It is the most affordable type of siding on the market. Vinyl can come in as low as half the cost of installed wood, especially premium wood such as cedar. Dollar for dollar, the installed cost of vinyl siding is significantly lower than that of any other type of exterior cladding.

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Vinyl Siding is Environmentally Friendly

It may seem counterintuitive, but vinyl is actually more environmentally friendly than most other siding materials. It does not need to be painted, stained or caulked, saving the environment from toxic chemicals.

The manufacturing process results in virtually no manufacturing waste because pieces of vinyl can be reintroduced into the manufacturing process. Vinyl outperforms and outlasts other siding options, it won’t have to be thrown away into a landfill in 20 years. Vinyl siding contributes significantly less to global warming than other cladding options because of the combined amount of energy saved with manufacturing and transportation.

James Hardie Siding in Calgary

Hardie board siding, created by James Hardie and also known as cement board siding, has been around forever, but its popularity seems to come in streaks. Typically billed as a low-maintenance, long-lasting material, does it measure up to its reputation? Here are the pros, cons and costs of hardie board siding to see how it looks under scrutiny.

Hardie Board Siding

It’s a product that lasts, comes in a wide variety of textures and colours, and it’s affordable. The benefits extend beyond those factors, and when it comes to hardie board siding, there is a long list of pros.

  • Longevity: Most hardie board siding comes with a 50-year, limited transferable warranty. This siding is completely rot and insect resistant and can even handle salt spray from the ocean.
  • Appearance: Hardie board siding can be made to mimic just about any other siding material, including wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding. Colour options are virtually unlimited. These colours are accompanied by a 15 year warranty on the finish.
  • Fire Resistance: Hardie board siding is 90 percent sand and cement which makes it fire-resistant. Case in point, a St. Paul Minnesota house fire torched two fire trucks parked 60 feet away, but the cement board siding home next door, 50 feet away, remained unscathed.
  • Storm Resistance: Whether you’re looking for a siding material that can withstand the next Katrina, or one that can fend off the next summer hailstorm without sustaining damage, cement board siding is a proven commodity in the weather department.
  • Maintenance: It has to be re-painted periodically. Hardie board’s ColorPlus ® Technology Warranty covers paint and labor for peeling and chipping of their finishes for only 15 years.
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Stone Siding in Calgary

For Calgary homeowners looking for added texture and an arresting exterior façade, limestone and granite siding options provide extra durability as well as natural beauty. For a more cost effective alternative that still offers the allure of natural stone, ask about Dedicated Roofing & Exteriors stone veneer siding made from both natural and synthetic materials available in a wide variety of styles and textures.

Stone Siding on a Calgary Home Dedicated Roofing and Exteriors

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