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How To Spot a Roof Leak

How To Spot a Roof Leak

No matter how big or small, roof leaks can cause serious damage to your property. To fix a leak before it turns into something more serious you have to find the source. However, this step isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you see a dark spot, water dripping or moisture on your walls or ceiling the leak may not always be directly above the area in question.

Once rain or melted snow seeps into your roof it typically moves through the different layers and ends up forming a puddle in the lower layers. This means that the source of the leak can be a few feet away from the problem area. The best way to locate a leak is to contact your local Calgary roofing experts, they know the exact signs to look out for and can easily detect water damage before it becomes a serious issue. However, if you want to do a quick assessment before taking any further steps, the experts at Dedicated Roofing and Exteriors have created a quick guide on what to look out for!

Wet Spots or Signs of Moisture

  • Water Stains- Water stains can be tricky to spot depending on how large the puddle is. You will typically see a brown ring on your ceiling if a large enough puddle has formed. For smaller spots, look out for slight discolouration or moisture on your wall or ceiling.
  • Dripping- This is the most obvious sign your roof is leaking. If you detect dripping and moisture coming from your walls or ceiling it is best to leave it to the experts. If you live in Calgary, or in a colder climate, you might also notice occasional dripping. This is because the puddle has turned to ice and when it gets warmer the ice melts causing the drips to start again. Any signs of moisture should be inspected immediately as it can create an environment for mold and mildew to form.

Roofing Damage and Roof Leaks

  • Missing or Damaged Shingles- Your shingles provide the first layer of protection between your property and the elements. Missing or damaged singles create an opening jeopardizing the integrity of your roof. Look out for shingles that have blown off or any signs of damage. This can include dents, discolouration and missing granules on your shingles.
  • Valley and/or Flashing Issues- Your valley and flashing work together to divert excess water away from your roof. If this is not installed properly, is damaged. missing or obstructed it can cause water to pool in unwanted areas.
  • Damage from Branches or Other Objects- During windstorms branches and debris can often brush against your roof causing damage to your shingles. Alternatively, nailing objects into your roof like Christmas decorations, security cameras or solar panels can also damage vital areas in your roof and cause leaks.

What Should I Do if My Roof is Leaking?

The best solution is to contact your local Calgary Roofing professional. They have the expertise and tools to fix any roofing problem before it leads to more costly damages. Do not try and repair it yourself as this can lead to more damage and improper installation can be dangerous. Professional roofers will be able to locate roof leaks easily, regardless of where they’re hiding. Trained roofing experts can also provide permanent solutions and locate other roofing issues you weren’t aware of before they turn into more serious problems.

Don’t let a leaky roof dampen your day! Contact Dedicated Roofing and Exteriors and schedule a roof inspection. We specialize in roof repairs and replacements and will make sure your property is protected for years to come. Contact us today if you suspect your roof is leaking, book online and get a free estimate, or call us at (403) 923-0000.